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Our Services

We have developed a suite of products tailored to your needs, and adapted to your budget. Our objective is to redirect your promotional and advertising efforts towards solutions that will allow you to quickly expand your activity. Call us today to discuss the growth of your online business!

Customer Support

One-on-one interaction with a dedicated expert who has 25+ years of experience in implementation, maintenance, and support of IT solutions.


Your website is your virtual store. When your customers walk in, they must like what they see and find what they are looking for.


Monetize your blog with advertisements. We turn the value of your content and creativity into money that you can spend.


Use demographics to advertise and promote your products and services. It's like an electronic flyer, but you only pay when someone walks-in.

Get Traffic

There are simple but efficient ways to promote your online business that are specific to your industry and to the prospects you target.

IT Consulting

Information technology is now cost-effective and reliable. Get advice and recommendations from an expert who understand your budget constraints.

About LACP

LACP is a New Generation IT Company. Technology is no longer an expensive rocket science, because there has been a small revolution in the past 5 years when it comes to features and costs.

Our domains of expertise are: Internet and Online Services, IT Architectures, Software and Hardware, Operating Systems (computers, tablets, smartphones), Network, Databases and Analytics.

Our preferences:

  • - Third-party software versus self-made developments
  • - Cloud-based and platform solutions versus in-house architecture
  • - Intuitive products that everyone can use versus complicated training
  • - Solutions adapted to needs and budget versus the expensive brand names

Our strength resides in the relationships we have established with our customers.

We serve customers in the United States, as well as, in Europe and Latin America.

Ludovic Petit - President


Your website is your virtual store, and you want your customers to find your products and services with the same quality and level of service as at your location. Nonetheless, your competitors are only a click away!

We rely on the latest technologies available (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) to deploy state-of-the-art websites that will provide your visitors with a unique experience.

All of our websites are smartphone and tablet compatible. For a flat fee, you get an unlimited number of pages and pictures, with additional features to help you interact with your prospects and customers (Contact Forms, Request for Quote, Online Store With Catalog of Products and Services, Maps and Directions, and so much more).

Our preferred partners and technologies:

  • - Hosting: GoDaddy
  • - Maps: Google Maps
  • - Online Store: GoDaddy
  • - Online Publication: Joomag
  • - Analytics: Google Analytics
  • - Forms: JotForm and Google Docs


Turn your creative content into a residual income that allows you to pursue your passion.

Our services include:

  • - No minimum traffic required
  • - 2 performance reviews per month
  • - 3 zones (high, medium and low traffic)
  • - Configuration and maintenance of Google DFP
  • - Up to 3 Ads Networks with passback to AdSense
  • - Modification of your website/blog to add ads banners

All of this starting $50/month only!!

Call us today at (484) 891-0521 to discuss the options for your blog

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